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Esemplastic Tuesdays

at the Royal College of Art

Esemplastic Tuesdays are events without passive spectators: everyone draws, writes, photos, films, records, dances, raises eyebrows, thinks about scratchy green sweaters & corduroy ponce, or engages in some bizarre internalese or unuttered speech process which is different from gawping. As guests, we invite in noisemakers and wordspouters contaminated by Free Improvisation and its ethic of real-time real-space gesture and collective inter-communication. We thus subvert the monopoly of tedious commodity and stupid celebrity on the cultural sphere, and present a compendium of all that is actually ALIVE, PERTINENT & IMMEDIATE in contemporary performance: Militant Esthetix! Esemplastic Tuesdays occur under the aegis of the Royal College of Art, and so quantulumcunque are not per se open to the public. However, if you would like to join us in 2005, you'd be very welcome, but we need person-to-person contact - i.e. a chat on the phone or in the pub - first (this is where we brief you about The Esemplasm you are joining). If you'd like to attend, phone Out To Lunch on 020 7 388 8679. He's usually in, but if you get the miserable answer phone, don't be discouraged, leave your name and phone number and OTL will get back to you. Esemplastic Tuesdays happen in the Drawing Studio on the Seventh Floor of the Royal College of Art at 6.30pm, on Tuesdays surprisingly enough. By a strange stroke of synchronicity, the music played at Esemplastic Tuesdays can often be heard the next day, Wednesday, at 2pm on "Late Lunch With Out To Lunch" on Resonance 104.4FM and <> worldwide.

Latest Season

1 February John Edwards (double bass), Ulli Freer & Adrian Clarke (poets)

8 February John Butcher (sax) & Phillip Marks (drums)

15 February Stefan Jaworzyn (guitar) & Paul Hession (drums)

22 February Lol Coxhill (soprano sax), Pleasure-Drenching Improvers (bricks/Dictaphone), Out To Lunch (poetical polemic)

Wednesday Special
in Art Bar, Royal College of Art, Jay Mews at 7:00pm
16 March John Plant's Diary + Hugh Metcalfe's films

Since the demise of Ape Shit, Diary is quite simply the best rock band in London as a frighteningly angry old man in a suit called John Plant tells it like it is over squidgy and driven rock beats. Rufus Thomas meets Vladimir Lenin on Canvey Island. Ask them to play "Walking The Dog".

Plus organiser of Klinker Clubs in Islington and Nunhead, Hugh Metcalfe shows his films and improvises on sawn-through guitar and wrecked foot cymbal.

Past Esemplastic Tuesdays:

22 January 2002 #1

Ben Watson (talk)

Simon H. Fell (bass)

T.H.F. Drenching (Dictaphone)

Sonic Pleasure (bricks)

29 January 2002 #2

John Plant (stories)

Lol Coxhill (soprano saxophone)

Ute Bublitz (clarinet)

Tony Bravado (percussion)

5 February 2002 #3

Chocolate Sandwich:

Steve Parry (spoken-word, Welsh belligerence)

Richard Thomas (trumpet, things)

Adam Bohman (objects)

Jonathon Bohman (objects)

12 February 2002 #4

Billy Jenkins (guitar)

Alan Wilkinson (sax)

19 February 2002 #5

Pence Eleven (Nathan Blunt, T.H.F. Drenching)

Radioactive Sparrow (Gwilly Edmondez & Co)

5 March 2002 #6


Vux Vukowski (violin)

Len Massey (synth)

Oren Marshall (electric tuba)

Joe Cooper (drums)

12 March 2002 #7


Hugh Metcalfe (guitar)

Bob Cobbing (voice)

Jennifer Pike (dance)

Lol Coxhill (soprano saxophone)

19 March 2002 #8

Derek Bailey (guitar)

Will Gaines (tapdancing)

30 April 2002 #9

Phil Minton (vocalese)

Roger Turner (percussion)

7 May 2002 #10

Gail Brand (solo trombone)

14 May 2002 #11

Mark Wastell (cello)

Rhodri Davies (harp)

21 May 2002 #12

John Russell (solo guitar)

12 November 2002 #13

Sean Bonney (poetry)

Jeff Hilson (poetry)

3 December 2002 #14

Charlie "Bad Boy" Mitton (blues vocal/guitar)

10 December 2002 #15

Ulli Freer (poet)

17 December 2002 (R Café) #16

Evil Dick & the Banned Members:

Richard Hemmings (keyboards)

Gimp Wilkinson (guitar)

Little Pete (bass)

Skip Undo (drums0

4 February 2003 (R Café) #17


Marco Maurizi (guitar)

Cristiano Luciani (electronics)

11 February 2003 #18

Out To Lunch (tape pieces by Dogbiz and Billy Jenkins)

Len Massey (collective painting)

18 February 2003 #19

Ian Stonehouse (laptop: Le Tombeau d'Esemplasm)

25 February 2003 #20

Pat Thomas (keyboards, electronics: New Jungle Jazz)

4 March 2003 #21

Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

11 March 2003 #22

Maggie Nicols (vocals) & the Gathering

14 October 2003 #23

Alan Wilkinson (sax)

Moshi Hohnen (guitar)

21 October 2003 #24

Sean Bonney (poet)

Jeff Hilson (poet)

28 October 2003 #25

Out To Lunch (poetry, tapes)

Len Massey (outfreaker)

4 November 2003 #26

Tonic Train:

Knut Auferman (electronics)

Sarah Washington (electronics)

11 November 2003 #27

Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

Gail Brand (trombone)

18 November 2003 #28

Phil Minton (voice)

Roger Turner (percussion)

25 November 2003 #29

Rhodri Davies (harp)

Adam Bohman (amplified toys)

Mindy Lee (alto clarinet)

17 February 2004 #30

Len Massey (lecture, video)

Vuk Vukowski (violin)

Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

Roger Turner (percussion)

2 March 2004 #31

Gina Southgate (performance)

John Russell (guitar)

Out To Lunch (poetry)

9 March 2004 #32

John Plant (stories)

Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

16 March 2004 #33

Sonic Pleasure (bricks)

T.H.F. Drenching (Dictaphone)

Lol Coxhill ("rubber band" soprano sax)

Sean Bonney (poetry)

Jeff Hilson (poetry)

Out To Lunch (poetry)

27 April 2004 #34

Roger Turner (percussion)

Lol Coxhill (soprano sax)

Susan Turcot (amplified drawing board)

Ulli Freer (poetry)

Mindy Lee (clarinet)

Nature (thunderstorm)

4 May 2004 #35

Mick Beck (bassoon)

Sylvia Hallett (violin)

11 May 2004 #36

Melanie "Mad Pride" Clifford (vocals, glass-scratching)

Rob Grant (guitar)

18 May 2004 #37

Len Massey (multi-media)

Piers Hugill (criticism)

Out To Lunch (critterschism)

19 October 2004 #38


Rex Casswell (guitar)

Paul Obermayer (samples)

Philip Marks (drums)

26 October 2004 #39

Rob Mills (solo saxophone)

2 November 2004 #40


Heitor Alvelas (laptop)

Len Massey (analogue synth)

Alan Wilkinson (sax)

Rob Mills (sax)

9 November #41

Stewart Home (talk on Industrial Painting)

Out To Lunch (poems)

23 November #42

Charlie "Bad Boy" Mitton (blues vocal/guitar)

30 November #43

Simon Fell (bass)

Phil Joseph (Theremin)


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