Le Tableau Vivant Qui Se Bouge

Didier Mervelet, Véronique Malvoisin and Sylvestre Hannoun from Les Fils de l'Invention presented pages 3 to 14 of Frank Zappa's Them Or Us [The Book] in French. Didier originally said it was going to be a Tableau Vivant, then realised that the actors weren't staying still and silent. We thought the word "play" a bit boring, and so came up with the dialectical of a Tableau Vivant Qui Se Bouge. Véronique, who sports a fetching moustache and imperial for purposes of theatrical illusion, played Francesco Zappa, the Italian composer who "flourished" between 1763 and 1788 according to Grove. Didier Mervelet played the Duke of York, the English blaggard and failed 'cellist. Sylvestre played Lady Aurora in drag and a very fetching wig.



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The good pictures by Bruno Le Tohic - thanx