Evil Dick & the Banned Members with Evil Dick on drums, Gimp Wilkinson on guitar and Little Pete on bass.

This band is based on Leicester, and Evil Dick's study of randomness (see the talk by Richard Hemmings) has resulted in a quality of progrock music which hasn't been heard in Britain since the heady days of Egg, Hatfield & the North and Soft Machine. Even T.H.F. Drenching (nom de dictaphone of Stu Calton, see also his talk, who currently plays in Derek Bailey's Limescale), adored what the Banned Members played and joined them on dictaphone for a tune in the second set. If you'd like to hear either of Evil Dick's CDs - Coprophagism, the scrofulous spoof/Aufhebung of Techno dance music, or Rock'n'Random, a mix of computer hi-jinks and Banned Members recordings - go to Evil Dick's website www.polemicmusic.com.

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Pictures by Bruno Le Tohic - thanx