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“Why?” (you ask) “Because the pubtalk of activists for half a century needs a total ricorso” (Out To Lunch 1-iv-2021

“But they simply won’t let you say that … you’ll be SHOT BY BOTH SIDES” (Howard Devoto) 

“We’ll say it anyway!” (Militant Esthetix) 

“Without deviation from the norm no progress is possible” (Frank Zappa 1-iv-1984)

1. Lenin and Monuments 

2. Out To Lunch on Lenin’s The Development of Capitalism in Russia from HM Fantasy issue 

3. Sheila Leslie on Charlie Lahr's brief combination of I.W.W. and CPGB, from Yealm 

4. Lenin, the body in memorials and ecstatic sexuality in Eisenstein's film The General Line

5. Mayakovsky's Manifesto, from Coiled Verbal Spring: Devices of Lenin's Language 

6. Lenin on Acid

7. Lenin at Tate Modern

8.Why Tim Clark Can't Kill the Leninist Party: a response to October circulated in March 1997

9. Lenin against Frederic Jameson 

10. Out To Lunch on Sezgin Boynik’s Introduction to Coiled Verbal Spring 

11. Hooligan Communism: Black on Lenin 

Get You Back Home