International Conference of Esemplastic Zappology



At Theatro Technis
Crowndale Road, London
On Friday 16 January 2004, seventy two people (and two dogs) gathered together in a Greek-Cypriot theatre in London's Camden Town to hear eighteen Zappologists deliver fifteen papers (any of which may be accessed by clicking on the relevant name in the list below) and a play. We also viewed a sculpture (a garden-centre Venus de Milo detourned by Eleanor Crook) and ate Brazilian lunch. The 'play' was Les Fils de l'Invention from Paris performing a Tableau Vivant Qui Se Bouge about Francesco Zappa, the Italian composer who 'flourished' between 1763 and 1788 (according to Grove). In the evening, we listened to Evil Dick & the Banned Members play two sets, and danced with depraved abandon to Zappa music on vinyl which DJ Jonathan Goslan put through a very fine sound system at the College Bar. Why? Because we deplore the imbecilism of separating thought and pleasure, concepts and music, brain and loins: dry academia and dumb commercialism are twin betrayals of the passionate and amusing life we want to lead. It all happened on Crowndale Road - see Out To Lunch's freakmap for psychogeography of the area.



WMC: Where we lunched

Where we danced


Marco Maurizi
(Rome) Zappa's 'Cheepnis' & the Poverty of Philosophy
Simon Prentis (Hampstead, London) 'The Torture Never Stops': FZ & the Mental Hygiene Dilemma
Ben Watson (Somers Town, London) Houston ... Fort .. Marcuse: Sin versus Archetype in Zappa
Esther Leslie (Birkbeck , London) Compliment Any Burger You Put On (Center-Hinge Sliced)
Jürgen Gispert (Leipzig) The Conservatism of Easy Rider: Zappa's Critique of Dumb Concepts of Freedom
Sean Bonney (Vauxhall) A Dagger in the Head of Mojo-Man
Keston Sutherland (Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge) What's the Ugliest Part of your Market-researched Anaclitic-affect Repertoire? [Franz Zappa als Anlehnungstypuskritik]
Paul Sutton (Queen Mary's College, London) Bogus Pomp & Bourdieu's Paradox: Zappa & Resentment
Richard Hemmings (De Montfort University, Leicester) The Treatment of Random Pitches in Frank Zappa’s 'Approximate'
Dominique Jeunot (Paris) on The Secret Meaning of 'Arf': Canine
Continuity in the Output Macrostructure

T.H.F. Drenching (aka Stu Calton) (Levenshulme, Manchester) 'Water Melon In Easter Hay': The Function of the Reverb Unit & the Poverty of the Individual Spirit
Gamma (Kentish Town) Poodles: a Zappological reading of Ulysses
Francesco Gentile (Rome) Xenoarrangements, or, Insane Grafts Day-Dreamed by a Zappa hardcore Fanatic not inclined to exit his Monomaniacal World

ICE-Z THANKS: Evil Dick & the Banned Members for heroic voluntarism; Jonathan Goslan, Ian Stonehouse, Simon Prentis, Ben Watson for splitting the PA hire fee for the College Bar disco (£120); distant cousins & faraway speakers, all of whom paid their own train/air fares; Gamma & Eleanor, Than McBride, Rowan & Max Watson, Ben & Esther for providing beds, floors and Martian Embassies for delegates; George & Aristotle Eugeniou at Theatro Technis; Camden Working Men's College for lending us the data projector; Steve Kerley of Godwin & Crowndale Estate Office for parking spaces; Eleanor Crook for sculpture; Roy & Café Brasil for lunch; Rachel at the College Bar; everyone who attended & made the event a success.

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