ULLI FREER widdershins in custo-MERZified jacquet

Maggie was followed by ULLI FREER. His democratic principles led him to forswear the podium: instead, he circled it widdershins, proclaiming -

a silence dressed
up bondage
horizon punched wet look
then stumble laced up to heart
fingerprint embroidered purples
a locking system
an incapable stretch
carried forward
distance gives the fence
a wall of vocal tract
of differing dimensions
stream of acoustic information talking
articulation to open pursed lips
longer than a burst of sound
found orchard
lark in sleeveless errand
translation from after blunder
spelling after light etymological value a
massive ventilation at proof level
harsh appearance coils
a hand upon my pen
folds and bends
a barbed visual strip
align become apparent
fence transparent
head on at close quarters
enclosing perimeter spaces
to the interest of wide open
double volume down to landings
impose some strain
double bunked landings in body alarm
fronts a busy street
line behind the picture
urban architecture
the wings viewing
contact razor ribbon coiling
basement entrance
boundaries breath
the deepest remote control
whilst whiteness stood
behind to check
was handcuffed public devices
sally port external elevation
clouds model and
cranked the green
to reduce dividing up
glazed partitioning
approach process
greets off aspiritional
face of wall defaced
atmospheres buyers
leaning into
product's favourable feelings
object augmented
consumer negotiated
limited to glass
found at automatic ending
mists a public road
rough pasture streams and pasture
pasture streams plantation ghost
pasture stream and trees
occupation road
house ruin and yard
pasture strip ruin arable
cart road rocks thief fold wood
rough pasture do what you want
dovenest wood wood & lumber
occupation road and stream
from roots of hedge
corridor between ample freedom
well rocks crack the central overlook
once detectors fitted
the use of ink then determined
wood & part of stream energies
sheds ornamental grounds
strawberry wood etc outhouses greenhouses
& heard some sea between your knees
red bank wood
crossing out
or substitutions of erasure missing
conducted over telephones
connected to recording tapes
brought forward
occupation road and waste

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