MAGGIE O'SULLIVAN casts her spell our way

After Gail Brand's splendiferous fanfare, MAGGIE O'SULLIVAN launched her molten, bewinged words, which we can't lay out properly with Dreamweaver, but you get the gist ...

Mean owl face to the bone of a blue winged
it made shine dully molten,
Singz Iz Heard
Toyz Iz Uz magician
Uz lutely tongeth
breaks in rock,
Uz ill's horn
paw mouthing
innards on stick
leathern stoop
in passage -
Prised linings, Great Milks occur/
Blood. Blizzard Multiples
Blazed, Blades (flown)
cloaka Bones,
a branding math-smudge,
a common stuff, big broke dialleries on
(from In the House of the Shaman, 1993)

Lizard air lichens ivy driven urchin's pry to a pounce.
Scribbled terrestrial traor, the paw actions tainy blee
scoa, blue scog. In eat, gashed harmonica stresses to
skull icon, jigged but shower, Crushtative bundles,
Doe, Owl, the Hare mantled in a planetary pivot.
Vulture-Jar, dragonfly & waterbeetle are we, each veil of the glide species.

Sheer Shoe-Shoe darks, Weem Cyclicity, Threads & Wisps.
Yesterday's loaf soaks on the spindle,
sky blue large the sea's purple Octopi bickerings re-in-indigo dozens indignant.
Options Falter.
Rodent, Bat Swing Mare-O-Crow-0-Crane Midscales cache,
untitled kestrels carded,
ancestrous to a Song.

Earth scalded, wired lame.
Yew Hung Abbatoir Voltages.

Wouldja Pouches, sun crawl. Snail, Serpent,
Wren stroke of this tiny wobble entrailed massively.
Rune Retro whiskers congregate, blood squeak of the herd
do fruit
& jabbing trill,
flood plains.

Lagoon remnants bleeding salmon aquatic nocturnal warms, wanted, I curved.

Deers - early as early a knifing in livid Ever
fens've powder Spider fishes ground,
flew turbid,
stealthy sweet smoke heart size.

putty tone,
differing den pegs
the dark moon turns.

Ricochet, straw cauldrons, water sickle
rooting turbid Rails.
Pig gathers in the lemon.
Cow, later of wood.
Lioness, Itwas all moon down in the brainstem,
tally-sticks -
Jackal woke up fresh, a key made from Butterfly depths,
the Chrysalis, the Spider.
Treasury Futures.
Asterisms liced from the Skull.
Nerve Surge.
Expulsions to a Rope.
(from Palace of Reptiles, forthcoming)


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